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Why Vaccine Connect?

Vaccine Connect is committed to helping physicians minimize vaccine costs and maximize practice profits.  We contract with pharmaceutical companies to offer the lowest prices to all Vaccine Connect members

Our team of Pediatricians and Practice Managers understands the work load of independent practices, and we offer specific methods to assist practices to minimize vaccine costs and maximize profits. Using the expertise gained through millions of dollars in annual vaccine purchases for our own practice, the Vaccine Connect team can apply proven strategies to your independent practice.

We welcome independent medical practices, hospital owned medical practice, clinically integrated networks, independent practice associations, urgent care clinics, worksite healthcare clinics, and other healthcare organizations to join Vaccine Connect.

Member Benefits

  1. Access to a team of practicing physicians and practice administrators who understand the challenges faced by today’s independent practices.  Call us anytime 843.973.2711843.973.2711 for practice management question.

  2. Access to favorable pricing and rebates on vaccines from our strategic partners.  Our focus is to save you money.

  3. Unlimited consultations in devising a vaccine buying strategy that fits with your practice needs, your patient demographics, and your practice budget.  Call us anytime 843.973.2711843.973.2711 for vaccine purchasing questions.

  4. Resources to help members manage the daily operations in their practice that involve vaccines.  To see our 2019-2020 Flu Coding guide, click here.