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  • I understand that Vaccine Connect’s contracted vendors may share my purchasing data with Vaccine Connect.  Vaccine Connect will provide written notification of these sales to me no less than annually.  I also understand that these vendors may pay Vaccine Connect an administrative service fee for operating and facilitating operations. This fee will never exceed 3% of my net purchases. 
  • I agree to keep all Vaccine Connect pricing confidential.
  • I understand that Vaccine Connect intends to comply with all applicable state and Federal laws.  As a group purchasing organization, Vaccine Connect is subject to applicable provisions of the Federal “Safe Harbor” regulations.  It is my responsibility and intent to comply with all applicable state and Federal laws including the Medicare and Medicaid anti-kickback statute and Federal “Safe Harbor” regulations.
  • I acknowledge that this agreement shall remain in effect unless terminated by either party.  Either party may terminate this agreement by providing written notice to the other party.
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